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Ma'anshan Henglida Machine Blade Co., Ltd.

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Machine Knife Manufacturer

Ma'anshan Henglida Machine Blade Company Ltd. is a machine knife manufacturer based in China. We provide a wide range of products, including our metal processing blade, food and packing knife, rubber and plastic processing knife, and paper making and paper processing knife. We also offer a high quality CNC die mold and press brake mold as well as a large series of hard alloy blade products. Our HLD series is made from high-alloy materials and is popular throughout China, while our circular blade, high-precision slitting and dividing machine blade have also received international recognition. Our quality products are commonly used in steel mills, various packaging plants, and also in paper, plastics, metallurgical, chemical, and rubber tire factories.
  • Slitter Knife
  • Slitter KnifeThe slitter knife is made of alloy tool steel, including a variety of materials such as tungsten steel, SKH, SKD, etc.
  • Shear Blade
  • Shear BladeThe shear blade is widely used to cut straight edges of the plate blank in the metal processing industry.
  • Paper Cutting Knife
  • Paper Cutting KnifeOur paper cutting knife developed according to the different characteristics of Taiwan, Italy, U.S.
  • Paper Making Machine Knife
  • Paper Making Machine KnifeThe paper making machine knife is extensively used in paper pulp making, raw paper production and subsequent ...
  • Corrugated Knife
  • Corrugated KnifeThe corrugated knife includes slitter blade, slotter blade, crosscut blade with inserted SKH51 high speed steel ...
  • Press Brake Mould
  • Press Brake MouldOur press brake mould is specially produced after the quenching and grinding of high standard ...