Tube Cutting Knife

Tube Cutting Knife Tube Cutting Knife Tube Cutting Knife

The tube cutting knife is mainly used in the pipe production line, moving at the synchronized speed with the pipe including paper, brass, aluminum and steel pipes, etc. While rotating along the outer periphery of the pipe, it slowly goes into the center portion and cut off the tube. This type of blade often not simply cuts a tube, as many of tubes will be attached to the tape, cloth, and other things. Hence, it is processed with special toughness and high wear resistance.

During the cutting process, heat will be generated. This may cause secondary hardening and cracking, therefore the blade has high requirements on the heat treatment process and material selection. There are a wide range of materials for option, such as 9CrSi, Cr12Mo1V1, W6MO5Cr4V2 (SKH9), W18Cr4V, cemented carbide, etc. Among the, the Cr12Mo1V1 tool steel generally does not apply to the thick-walled paper tube.

Key Benefits
1. The tube cutting knife has sharp, keen and uniform cutting edge.
2. This cutting tool is optimally heat treated and precisely ground.
3. The product can ensure trouble free operation.
4. Made of high quality stainless steels and high alloy steels, the cutter achieves optimum performance for years.

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