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The reasonable selection of metal processing blade plays an important role in the machinery manufacturing industry for improving the metal cutting productivity, reducing the processing costs of machine parts and increasing the economic benefits. It is well known that the cost of parts mainly includes the blank costs and processing costs. Currently, some industrial developed countries with advanced level of cutting tool technology take advantage of the cutting speed of the tool to improve the efficiency in use, thus reducing machine tool costs and labor costs. Data indicate that the cutter covering 2.5% to 4% of the manufacturing cost has a direct impact on machine tool costs accounted for 20% and labor costs accounted for 38% of the total cost.

The metal processing knife mainly consists of hot strip and steel bar shear knives, slitting circular knives, spacer rings, compound rubber spacer rings, shims, tool sets, guillotine shear blades, and so on. It is mainly used for cutting in continuous casting and rolling, blooming, and other processes. Our various shearing, punching, rolling cutters used in the metallurgical industry are manufactured in strict accordance with GB/T1828.2 standards, thus ensuring reliable and stable product quality.

Hot Rolling Applications
A lot of high-quality steel materials can be used in the manufacture of metal processing blade for hot rolling applications. For example, the cutting tool made of nickel-based alloy steel with good heat resistance is applicable to bloom and slab shears, as well as crop, billet and bar shears, etc.

Cold Rolling Applications
A variety of medium and high alloy tool steels as well as heavy duty powder metallurgical steels are the basis for the manufacture of shear knives for cold working applications. Currently, we have shear knives for thin, medium and heavy plates as well as that for scrap or profile shearing, scrap chopper knife, crosscut and metal slitter knives, etc.

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