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Leather Cutting Knife Leather Cutting Knife

Our leather cutting knife is a cutting tool used together with welting machine and slitting machine in tanning and leather industry. It is made of high-quality tool steel. After heat treatment, the material is further processed by precision machining machinery to ensure sharp edge, wear resistance, no deformation, smooth incision, no burrs and other characteristics. Therefore, it is widely used to facilitate the processing of all kinds of leather products. Non-standard leather cutting knife can also be specially made according to product drawings, specifications, material, hardness and other conditions provided by the client. The available material includes 9CrSi, Cr12MoV, W6Mo5Cr4V2, W18Cr4V, etc.

As an experienced leather cutting knife manufacturer and supplier in China, our company provides a variety of products, including rubber cutting knife, CNC die mold, slitter knife, shaped machine knife, and much more.

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