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Plastic Cutting Knife Plastic Cutting Knife

The plastic cutting knife has more than 10 categories of products and hundreds of different models. Made of alloy, high speed steel and other high quality materials, it can achieve good sharpness and wear resistance. It is applicable to plastic crusher, granulator, pulverizer, shredder, mixer, recycler, film sealer and other plastic processing machinery. It can realize roll cutting and many other functions. All kinds of standard and shaped cutting blades are available from stock. With wide varieties and complete specifications, the cutter can meet various cutting needs.

The plastic cutting knife is manufactured with precise geometric dimensional tolerances, in order to guarantee the quality of machine assembly. According to different needs of the user and different objects to be cut, the chemical composition of the blade can be selected. In addition, it is provided with suitable blade angle, achieving certain strength without chipping in use while maintaining the sharpness of the blade. After good heat treatment process, the blade has suitable hardness and small internal stress, so as not to deform in the process of using.

Henglida is a specialized plastic cutting knife manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a vast range of products, including leather cutting knife, paper making machine knife, shear blade, food processing knife, etc.

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