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Rubber Cutting Knife Rubber Cutting Knife Rubber Cutting Knife Rubber Cutting Knife

The rubber cutting knife mainly has toothed flat round and bar shapes. It is used in the slitting, trimming, grinding, pruning and other processing of rubber, synthetic materials, chemical materials, V-belts, tires, and so on. When used for rubber grinding, dicing and stripping, the knife edge is available in SKH51 high speed steel, tungsten steel and alloy. As most of the blades used in the rubber industry are irregularly shaped, all of our products are produced in strict accordance with the original manufacturer's standards or user requirements.

The steel cord is a special-purpose fine wire or rope that is made of high carbon steel and plated with brass. It is mainly used as the framework material of passenger car, light and heavy truck, construction machinery vehicle, and aircraft tires, as well as other rubber products. The radial tire made using steel cord as the reinforcing material comes with the advantages of long service life, fast driving, puncture resistance, good flexibility, safety and comfort, fuel economy, and so on. Hence, it is the development direction of the tire industry today. We can provide high-quality steel cord shear blades. The available materials are 9CrSi, Cr12MoV (SKD-11), W6Mo5Cr4V2 (SKH51), W18Cr4V, hard alloy, etc. We can also offer efficient anti-viscose blade plated with Teflon. A variety of toothed or toothless dished blade, circular blade, slitter blade, straight blade, wire cutter, and other rubber cutting knife widely used in the production of rubber tires can be found in our company.

Our company is a China-based rubber cutting knife manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as paper cutting knife, press brake mould, shear blade, and paper making machine knife.

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