Paper Cutting Knife

Paper Cutting Knife Paper Cutting Knife Paper Cutting Knife

Our paper cutting knife developed according to the different characteristics of Taiwan, Italy, U.S. roll toilet paper machines achieves high wear resistance and rust resistance. Matched with the company's own grinding wheel, it can achieve high accuracy. This allows the product to cut the paper with no burrs, no serrated marks and no black coating. Hence, the cutting tool is well praised by users.

1. The high-speed creping blade used in the production of toilet paper is suitable for the paper machine with a speed of 500-2200 m/min.
2. The low-speed creping blade is applicable to the paper machine with a speed of 60-180 m/min. According to the slow speed of the machine, the scraper demands high wear resistance without injury to the cylinder. After years of research, the required product was successful developed and put on the market in November 2002, achieving cost saving and other prominent advantages.
3. The wear-resistant creping blade can be applied to the domestic and international medium-speed paper machine which has a speed of 180-450 m / min.
4. We can provide long saw circular knife for the roll toilet papermaking machine, as well as long saw perforation knife and fly cutter for the rewinding machine.
5. The knife for cutting facial tissues, napkins and handkerchief papers uses reasonable materials, thus ensuring high wear resistance, smooth edges, no edges, etc.
6. The rewinder trimming cutter, fly cutter, tube cutter, nonwoven slitter blade, and sanitary napkin cutter are all available. The fixed punching blade is designed with the overall long strip, while the web cutting knife comes with no black oxide coating because of the adopted new material.
7. The latest single or double-sided hard alloy inserted cutter ring is applicable to toilet paper, as well as printing and writing paper slitting of the high-speed rewinding and slitting machine. Matching with the high-speed steel upper circular knife, this paper cutting knife achieves good wear resistance and long grinding cycle.

As a China-based paper cutting knife manufacturer and supplier, our company offers a comprehensive range of products that includes corrugated knife, shear blade, food processing knife, and press brake mould, among others.

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